Recent Reviews for The Final Reality

“The Final Reality is a literary masterpiece that transcends modern writing and creates its own, unique fictional genre. What Stephen Martino has so adeptly and originally accomplished in this novel is to incorporate medical and political issues together into a high-impact thriller with drama throughout every page. With believable characters, an astute attention to history, and an uncanny ability to make to you laugh, the novel sends the reader on a fictional journey that proves difficult to put down. Plus, its hard hitting coverage of significant medical, political and economic issues that world currently faces today is a true testament to our modern society and provides a warning of what consequences could ensue if mankind does not correct the follies that it has already created.”

“The Final Reality is well-researched, politically charged thriller that foreshadows the apocalyptic consequences of unchecked government and technology. The novel takes the reader on electrifying journey into the late 21st century where mankind’s knowledge far supersedes its wisdom. It’s a time when humanity turns to government and their inventions instead of to themselves or God.  It’s a time when a megalomaniac dictator can rise to power and is supported by those exact people that he suppressing. The Final Reality chilling forebodes the humanitarian cost of our technology and the cataclysmic outcome it could have on our planet. Though fictional, the book warns of a dire future that may have already come today.”