"Read my lips. No new taxes."

        Do you remember when President George H. W. Bush said, "Read my lips. No new taxes."?Well the people voting for him in 1992 did and he was beat out for a second term by Mr. Promiscuous himself, President Clinton. Though he promised not to raise taxes, the inevitable occurred. That in association with a declining economy brought the end to his career in the White House.

          Isn't it amazing how history repeats itself. Now 20 years later we are in the exact same position. When Obama took over he promised us Americans the world, moon, stars and even the kitchen sink. However, most importantly, he promised not to raise taxes. Now with the Supreme Court's ruling he not only is raising taxes but doing so on the people who need the money most. The new 2,500 dollar tax will be issued to any American without Healthcare. There will be no excuses and failure to pain will put you into jail- reminiscent of the old debtor's prison.

          Now, if you don't have Healthcare and don't pay the 4-figure tax-hike, the US government considers you a crook or worse yet a tax evader. You become no better than the drug sellers, robbers or other thieves in the judicial system. Heaven forbid you lose your job and healthcare. What happens next? Well, you better have 2,500 dollars saved up for yourself or you're now considered a wanted man by the Feds.

          Is this what our country has come to? Now with the government's incompetent hands in everything we are no better off. In fact, the more the government sticks its nose into our business, the worse things become. Because of the insecurity this law places on the private sector, no one wants to hire and if they do, it's only for part time work. What the government has done is essentially placed a stranglehold over our entire economy with one law. It's almost incomprehensible that the greatest country in the world would allow such a heinous act against its citizens be perpetrated.

          Plus, Obama is a liar. He lied that he was not going to raise taxes. He lied that he was going to decrease the deficit. He lied he was going to close Gitmo, and the list could go on. Where's the media in all of this? When President Bush raised taxes they were over him like a fly to crap. They played the sound bite of him saying, "Read my lips. No new taxes." ad nauseum. It was almost like a broken record. Plus, the media mocked Vice-President Quayle relentlessly about his misspelling of potato. Yet, both Obama and Vice-President Biden can talk like complete idiots and get away with it. It's like the media gives them a Get Out Of Jail Free card at all times. No matter how badly they run the country, how much debt they accrue, how many bad decisions they make, how poorly the economy is doing or how dumb they look, the media turns a blind eye.

          Also, relating back to the 1992 election is that the economy was in decline at that time and it was difficult to find a job. However, when you compare 1992 to now it seems like back then the economy was entering a golden age. Just look at things now compared to back then. The economy is much worse. We are less respected around the world. Our military was better appreciated and funded by the president. We were safer and things were just better.

          Hopefully, Americans do not have amnesia and look through Obama's mindless rhetoric and remember how disastrous the last 4 years have been. We are at a critical point in our country. Just think of what 4 more years of Obama means. I can tell you one thing. If he stays in office, I better learn Chinese because they'll own us by 2016.