I just read an article of how the Obama administration is using tax-payer dollars to promote food stamps. It seems ludicrous to any sane person that the Obama government is using our money to increase awareness about how they can give away more taxpayer dollars.
However, this is Obama's goal. He wants an entire country of dependents. Unlike other presidents who want to lead, all he wants is to control. The more people he has on welfare, section 8, food stamps, with governmental jobs and under Obamacare, the better. The more laws and regulation he passes on business, the better. It doesn't matter if it hurts the economy or the middle class. As long as he is able to get his grubby, nicotine-tarnished fingers in more of our lives he is happy. And the irony is, the media will back him up the whole time. His word is gospel and all those who disagree with him with be called racist, elitist or uninformed.

Where will the insanity end? The longer he is in office the worse shape our country becomes. In law school did he not learn anything or was he just too high to remember what went on in class? The American government is made up of 3 equal, yet separate, branches. Well, I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he may have missed a few classes but obviously that is not the case. Recently, he has mandated unilaterally our new immigration policy and also berated the Supreme Court for their role in constitutionally reviewing the Affordable Care Act. Does he not know that’s exactly their job or simply does not care?

The answer is that he believes he is above the law and in fact, is the law. After the Supreme Court made a ruling in favor of Arizona, his administration took away all ability for them to enforce it. Plus, they made a hotline (again using taxpayer dollars) for any Hispanic to call if they feel they are being profiled by the police. I don’t know about you, but that’s a complete slap in the face to state’s rights and a real kick in the rear to all the police out their trying to do their jobs. It’s like all of a sudden Arizona’s governor, police and legal citizens mean nothing to the president. It makes becoming an illegal immigrant not only attractive but lawful- plus it makes it makes it seem that it’s their right now to be in America. Who are we to say otherwise?

Things have definitely got out of control under Obama. Only under his presidency does doing the right things in life like Governor Brewer make you a bad person. Only under him does making an honest living make you a greedy capitalist. Only under Obama is blaming former President Bush for everything wrong in America the right thing to do.
Well, I can tell everyone that I’ve had enough of this insanity. It’s time for America to once again take responsibly, balance the federal budget, create a real plan for our future and ensure the next generation will have it better than this one. No more Obama- NoBama!