If You Can’t Beat Them, Lie About Them?

As a child I can remember the old adage If you can’t beat them, join them. However, it seems Obama and his reelection campaign are adhering to a new one: If you can’t beat them, lie about them. I know politics is dirty but now our president has taken it to another level. It’s so bad that he’s making lawyers look worse than they really are- and that’s a difficult thing to do!

          Most, I mean all, incumbent presidents, at least run on something positive they did for the country or show how they improved our lives in some way. Even the second worst president I can remember (Jimmy Carter) had something positive to say about his deplorable tenure in office. Unfortunately, Obama has nothing at all to brag about. Domestically we are in the gutter and our foreign policy is in shambles. After over 3 years with him in office America has become China’s bitch. We are no longer the super power we once were. We have become mediocre- just like our president and his wife. Is that what he wanted? Does he want to bring down everyone to such a level where no one feels bad? Does he think this will make our country better? Unfortunately, he does believe in this and will continue bring down America’s level of excellence until we a has-been country with open borders, terrorists in our streets, a socialist economy and a poor standard of living- Welcome to Obama’s America.

          His America wasn’t the one I was brought up to believe in. His America is not the one our soldiers gave their lives to defend. His America is not our America. He wanted to fundamentally change our country. He’s done it. He’s fundamentally put us in the gutter, killed the economy, turned his back on our military, created a welfare state and left the next generation with more debt than they can pay.

          So now he’s up for reelection. Obviously he can’t run on anything positive he’s done. He can’t run on the economy, his success with green energy, his foreign policy, his plans for our future or how he improved the lives of any tax paying American. Instead, he’s turned to lies. Recently he said that Governor Romney sent jobs overseas (Just look at how many jobs were lost over the past 3 years to foreign countries). More ridiculous, he also stated that Governor Romney is a felon! A bigger slap in the face is when he was confronted with these blatant lies, he refused to apologize or take them back.

          There was a joke we use to say when I was younger: “How do you know a lawyer is lying?.... When you see his lips moving.” Well, now replace the word lawyer with Obama and the joke holds true. However, I’m not laughing and neither should anyone else out there who has any bit of common sense. Obama is insulting all of our intelligences. He thinks he can blurt out any inane statement and we all will believe it like a mindless flock of sheep. He thinks we are too stupid really to think or doing anything for ourselves. He thinks that without government we’d all be wandering around in rain storms with our mouths open until we drowned.

          Well, Obama- the people of our country made America great, not its politicians. America was built on the hard work of its citizens, not the pencil pushing of it its elected officials. I hope you learn one thing this November Mr. President. Americans are not mindless drones who will follow you anywhere and believe your senseless rhetoric. And we’ll show this fact when we boot you out of the White House and back to obscurity. You’ll just be some footnote in the history of America as the worst president ever.