Only Larry the Cable Guy is Laughing

          When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer stated that she wanted to uphold the federal immigration laws set forth by the national government, it’s as if she stated that Arizona was seceding from the union. She was lambasted by the media, besmirched by the president and made out by the liberals to be a right wing fanatic. And for what? All she wanted to do was uphold the law- a law that her state needed enforced to keep itself solvent during these economically troubling times. The only good thing about the media attacking her was that they momentarily stopped their constant harassment of Governor Palin.

          If the shoe was on the other foot and Palin and Brewer were Democrats, the media would call everyone who disagreed with them sexist. They would make them out to be the underdogs who are constantly beaten down by this testosterone-driven country. They would be portrayed as heroes for standing up for what they believe and fighting for a just cause. However, we all see that this is not happening. Where is NOW in all this harassment? Aren’t they supposed to stand up for woman’s rights? I guess the only stand up for a woman if she is a left-wing nut-job who believes in Obama’s horribly failed socialist doctrines.

          Time and time again the media shows that they care only about their liberal agenda. When any person who is a woman or minority is on their side, they routinely call their dissenters racist or sexist. It’s a cheap term that they know will resonate well with many people- no matter if it has a shred of substance. All a commentator or reporter has to say is that the person is racist or unknowingly racist and a good portion of public opinion will turn immediately against them.

          How often have you heard them call the Republicans racist for attacking Obama? It’s like they’re beating a dead horse. But I guess if you disagree with Obama’s failed economic policies, you’re a racist. If you don’t like that he’s put our economy into another 5 trillion dollar debt, you’re a racist. If you disagree with his foreign policy and don’t think it’s great that the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt under her watch, you’re a racist. It’s comical when you think of it.

I’m just waiting for one of my favorite comics, Larry the Cable Guy, to have a new political standup show. Instead of saying you’re a redneck as his punchline, I’m waiting for him to come out on stage and say:  If you don’t think Obama’s the greatest person ever born, guess what- you’re a racist.

No, I’m not a racist or a sexist. I’m just intelligent. I just wish the media didn’t think all American were stupid and stop continuing to feed us with mindless rhetoric and begin reporting the real news!