Obama and Sex in the City

I heard the most ridiculous ad this week. It was Sarah Jessica Parker touting Obama's accomplishments in another socialist, I mean Hollywood, sponsored fundraising campaign for their anointed one. She enthusiastically states, "OK, the guy who ended the war in Iraq; the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want; the guy who created 4 million new jobs. That guy — President Obama — and his wife Michelle are coming to my house for dinner on June 14th.”

The only agreement I have with Sarah is that I too refer to Obama as That Guy. That Guy is the one who said he'd halve the deficit yet needlessly increased the national deficit another 6 trillion dollars.  That Guy was the one who borrowed the money from China- the same country that is using the profits to increase the size of their military. That Guy is the same one who is cutting military funding as both the military strength of China and Russia increase and during a time of war. That Guy in the White House doesn't know what he's doing.

And Sarah, I too would love to have That Guy over for dinner. I'd like to tell That Guy what he has done to the economy, our foreign policy, the military and to jobs in America. I'd like to tell That Guy how he is condemning our next few generations to pay for the follies of today. I'd also tell That Guy the way it is and not agree with him like the bobble-headed media and yes-men he has surrounded himself with.

Another thing Sarah, Obama has not created 4 million jobs. The American people have- despite all that he has done to kill US business and bolster the outsourcing of jobs. I am a small business owner and know just how difficult it's been to expand and grow. There have been no incentives, tax breaks or other bonuses to expand the size of the company. In fact it is much more difficult now to grow my business. Thanks to Obama's policies he has placed a stranglehold on the private sector and made life more difficult for anyone who own their own business.

Plus, I laugh when you give him credit for those 4 million jobs. We are still in a recession and the only reason the unemployment is down to 8.2% is that many have retired, taken early retirement, went for disability or just took a lesser position. If you'd count these people into the whole unemployment equation we'd be up to 20%!  I'd like to give you an example. When President Bush was our leader I'd posted a job in the paper for my company. A got 30-40 applicants over a few weeks. Recently, I placed the same ad and over 300 people applied in under a week! Many were overqualified and most were willing to work no matter what the salary. Does this like he is doing anything positive for the economy? Maybe if you and your other Hollywood buddies got off your high horse and actually saw how the country ran, you may understand what's really going on here in this county.

Sarah, you live in a super-elite world that has become out of touch with the other 99.9% of America. In the end I must give you the benefit of the doubt and must concede there may be another cause for your overt ignorance of the real circumstances surrounding Obama's presidency. Interestingly, studies have shown that the rate of syphilis is up in cities. Maybe with all that Sex in the City you may have come down with neurosyphilis? You know that's the same disease that eventually caused Al Capone to go demented and die. Maybe, this is the early stages of the disease. If so, there is still hope Sarah. The nearest hospital should be stocked with antibiotics and ready to help. Good luck!