Hillary Clinton 2016?

Recently former President Clinton has made some remarks that some would say is a slap in the face to Obama. He mentioned how Obamacare is a good start while praising Governor Romney for his "sterling" business career. Plus, he openly stated that he favored extending the Bush-era tax cuts. Ironically, all of these comments are diametrically opposed to Obama’s basic message.

Is Clinton just going rogue or maybe he’s just stating what’s on his mind? Another possibility is that he could just be saying these things to get a little press for himself or simply misspoke. However, I don’t believe any of these excuses which I’ve been hearing permeating their way through the media. Everyone has come up with some reason for the remarks but no one has truly addressed his motive.

You see, Clinton is a consummate politician and excellent strategist. When he speaks he not only knows exactly what he is currently saying but is also accurately calculating the ramifications of his words. In his mind he foresees how his every word, smile or simple gesture will be construed by the media and those next to him. Everything that comes out of his mouth is preconceived and tactically spoken. You can call the former president many things but a fool is not one of them. When you look up politician in the dictionary, you see his face. Politics is his life and passion. He’s so good at this that many who were not alive or too young to remember his tenure in The White House believe he was a great president just by the way he presents himself and speaks. Plus, he lied to Congress and got away with it and convinced his wife he was sorry for cheating yet continues to shag women as if it were his job.

I’m here to give the devil his due. Clinton knew exactly what he was saying when he contradicted Obama and he said it for a reason. The reason is that he wants Obama to lose the 2012 race. That seems crazy to write but in his mind he’s not looking at 2012 but instead 2016. That is the time when he wants Hillary to run for office. That is the time when he plans for another Clinton to get back into the White House. That is the time he plans for his legacy to continue.

Though retired from office like President Bush, Clinton continues to keep the focus of his political party on himself. He wants and needs the spotlight on himself. He wants be the dominant political force and as Obama’s presidency crumbles faster than Sandusky’s defense he wants to put the final nail in the president’s political coffin. He desires his power back and if it means the democrats losing the presidency in 2012, so be it.

Don’t let Clinton take you for a fool. Listen not to what he says but instead understand why he’s saying it.