Do As I Say and Not as I do!

I remember hearing the term, Do as I say and not as I do, growing up. As a child I thought it was a naïve statement to make. I use to ask myself, what type of example does it set? Also I’d think, who are you to give me advice when you can’t abide by it yourself? In the end the person who said it usually lost their credibility. Plus, I’d usually deem their statement essentially worthless and go on to disregard any further advice from them.

The irony now is that we are hearing the exact same thing from the democratic party. They speak down to the American people and patronize us with their condescending advice. It is as if we are incapable to live on our own without Uncle Sam behind use to lead us the whole way. They think we should all be mindless puppets who can be lead around as if we were all just a bunch of marionettes.

A prime example came recently when Nancy Pelosi spoke about passing a bill that would mandate equal pay to both men and women for equal work. Not that I’m against this bill in theory, but in practice it just opens the door wide open for the government to step into any business in the country and take control of it. By taxing them, levying fines and exerting their influence, all businesses would be forced to capitulate to the government’s every whim. Plus, you see how well they are doing running the post office. Just think what they could do to your business. The reason why I brought this up is because Nancy Pelosi’s own female staffers make less than 20% of their male counterparts. Do as I say and not as I do!

How about the Health Care overhaul Miss Nancy shoved down our throats? Not only was it unconstitutional but there was no way to pay for it without bankrupting the country. Plus, it will mandate rationing, limited medical access and an overall decreased level of care to the entire system. And do you know what makes this Obamacare so ironic? It would apply to all of us voter in the Unites States that put these elected boneheads like Nancy into office and would not apply to them. They would have their own, private, better insurance that would be financed by the American taxpayers. Who’s the sucker in this ponzi-type scenario! Do as I say and not as I do.

She wants us to live more austerely yet she flies a multimillion dollar luxury jet back and forth from Washington DC to California every week on the taxpayers tab. She attacks the one-percenters yet is one herself. I don’t see her writing the government a refund check or offering to take a reduced salary. She enjoys her wealth but sticks her nose up to everyone else out there who is rich. What makes certain people like her and Obama entitled to their wealth while other hard working Americans should feel ashamed of it? Do as I say and not as I do.

I hope I’m not the only one seeing Nancy Pelosi’s two-faced nature and her condescending attitude. The problem is that this is what the democratic party is promoting right now. I’m tired of being their stooge. How about this Nancy: Do as I say and get out of office for the sake of America and the future of our children.