What Obama is doing with his new immigration policy reminds me of the old bait- and -switch. If you’re not familiar with the term, Wikipedia defines it as the following: Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud, most commonly used in retail stores but also applicable to other contexts.

It seems mighty ironic that Obama all of a sudden came up with this unilateral policy. First of all immigration law should comes from the legislative branch of government and not the executive. What he has effectively done is bypassed the House and Senate and made his decision without either of their support or knowledge. This move in itself says much about Obama’s character. Does he think he is better than Congress? Does he believe he knows what is best while the rest of the country is too stupid to formulate their own opinion? The answer is yes to them both. His whole philosophy is that government, or most importantly he, knows best. His belief is that without government, the individual is nothing. Only through government can the individual become a better person and rise to a higher level of living. Without government the individual is nothing.  

Obama’s philosophy sound familiar? Well it should. It’s the same mantra of thought exercised by such 20th century regimes such as the Nazis. Isn’t it amazing, yet unfortunate, how history repeats itself?

Now here’s the bait-and-switch. With unemployment up to 8.2%, almost 25% of teenagers unemployed, an economy that has lost 1.37 million jobs in the past 3 years, and ongoing scandals such as fast and furious, Obama needs something to take the media coverage away from his crumbling presidency. His goal is to bait everyone into to reading or listening to something different such as his new immigration policy. As the media and everyone in the country are baited into this story he gives us the switch. What is the switch? Well, now the news is no longer centered upon Obama’s failed tenure as president and are instead focused on his new change in American policy. It’s almost like the misdirection illusionists use to play a trick in the audience. Plus, with this new policy he can now pander to the Latino vote- a vote he desperately needs to stay in office. It’s like a 2 for one with this new policy. He can take attention off of his failed leadership and attempt to garner more votes from a specific population all with one policy change. Isn’t politics grand?

Well Obama, no matter how much you try to bait-and-switch or misdirect us, the problems you have created are still here. There’s no magic or political spin which can disguise the pitiful economic numbers you’ve put up since you’re tenure in office.