Obama Touch

King Midas went down in Greek mythology as a legendary ruler who had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. Thus, The Midas Touch was coined. We all know this mythical Greek ruler couldn’t turn things to gold. However, there are people out there that no matter what enterprise they undertake, it will be a success. Take for instance certain modern individuals such as Steve Jobs, Lee Iacocca, and Bill Gates. We associate all of them with success, brilliance and the ability to succeed. Some may disagree but I would say that they all have The Midas Touch.

I’d like to be the first to coin a new term. This term will mean the exact opposite of  
The Midas Touch. You can be creative and think of it as many things such as: turning something good into crap or producing a negative outcome at all times.

After little deliberation I have coined the term: The Obama Touch. I think it adequately sums up the job Obama’s done throughout his life. From his poor grades in college, do-nothing job as a community organizer, unremarkable Senate career to his record as president. I know there are some liberals out there but you can’t disagree that he’s a less than remarkable individual. The only noteworthy event in his presidency was winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The only thing this award did was to confirm that all success in his life was handed to him instead of earned.

The facts about our current president are obvious. He promised the unemployment rate would not be over 8%. Yet, after putting our country in another 6 trillion dollars of debt and not producing a federal budget in 3 years we have not gone below 8%. Maybe he just got his number wrong like he did the states-57?

Remember how he personally sought out the Olympics for Chicago in 2016. Well, the only thing The Obama Touch accomplished was see the event go to Brazil. Just like all of our jobs here in America- work is going overseas. He’s done nothing to promote the American economy. In fact he’s made it more difficult to invest in the US and his policies actually deter foreign companies from opening business in the states.

You also see how his Green Energy program is going. Instead of promoting green energy through incentives, he’s blindly giving our hard-earned taxpayer money away to failing companies. He poured US cash into Solyndra despite all indications that it was a failure. There’s a simple rule: putting good money on top of bad doesn’t make it turn good. Instead, it makes all the money bad. 

Plus, his major piece of legislation, Obamacare, is unconstitutional and will be soon overturned by the Supreme Court. And if it’s not overturned, it will be de-funded. Just think of all the time and money wasted on this socialist piece of crap legislation.

America now hasn’t been more divided since the Civil War. Gas prices are soaring. People on food stamps, disability and federal aid have markedly risen. He’s shrinking the military in a time of war???

Listen the only way I can sum up his abysmal presidency is The Obama Touch. He’d still like to blame Bush. However with over three years of total failure, I think WE CAN ALL BLAME OBAMA.