If It’s Said, It Must be True

Back in college we use to joke that as long as someone said something, it must be true. We were all intelligent people and knew such sophomoric statements were tenuous at best. There were no facts behind them, no corroboration and usually no witnesses. In the end we usually knew the statement was false but use to play along jokingly to its authenticity, usually in jest towards one of our friends.

Now, however, I’m not laughing anymore about it. What use to be a humorous joke in college has turned into both the democrats and media’s method to demonize the Republicans and Governor Romney. “Governor Romney hates gays and bullied students as a youth, over 40 years ago.” I heard it on the news. Yet, I found nothing to corroborate it. There were no reliable sources and the family of the “alleged victim” denies it. However, the rumor goes on. While at the gym I see it on CNN. I hear it on the radio. I read it in on Yahoo.

In the end I’ve been so bombarded with the story that I actually began to give it some credence. Maybe he was a bully in his younger years? However, as a responsible person, I looked into the story and found absolutely no basis to the tale. Since then I’ve since tried to ignore the story but the media bombardment about it continued. I heard people around work saying things like, “Did you hear what a bully Romney was?” Or, “That Romney, he sounds like a real jerk!”

And that’s exactly what the media and democrats want to happen. They want to pin the Republicans and their nominees into a corner. They want to define how the public sees them and dictate what news is said about them. They know that if they want Governor Romney to look like all bully, the plan is simple. The first thing to do is release a press statement about it. It actually doesn’t even matter if there is a shred of truth to it. After a full media bombardment of the story people will believe its authenticity, despite its lack of any evidence and an inundation of contradictory facts. In the end, even if the story was found to be completely fictional, people will still accept as true. As I said, after hearing it a hundred times you’ll begin to believe it.

This is not the first time it’s happened this year. Just think of all the negative stories that the media has churned out this year: Romney hates Latinos, Romney is a snob, Romney is an elitist, Romney’s wife never held a real job, Romney is against African Americans, Romney destroys businesses, Romney got into Harvard by daddy (that’s one invented by the wife-cheater Letterman), Republicans hate woman, Republicans want to see coat hanger abortions, Republicans hate birth control and want to see the spread of AIDS and the list could go on forever.

As I said before, there is no evidence behind these accusations. It’s the image the media wants to project. It doesn’t need facts. All it really needs is listeners. When you sit down and look at the facts you see that Obama was the bully. He admitted it in his own autobiography. Obama was the one helped into Harvard. He again admitted to excessive drug use and his grades have yet to be released. Obama is the one who is against African Americans. He wants to expand their dependence on government and does nothing to get them jobs, financial independence or off the federal doll. Most importantly, Governor Romney’s wife did have a real job. She was a mother of 5. My wife does the same, and it’s no life of glamour.

Facts speak for themselves. Don’t let the media indoctrinate you. Think for yourself or you’ll become a mindless drone watching MSNBC to hear what you should believe next.