When did the American dream change?

When did it turn wrong to want to be successful? When did it become immoral to earn money? When was it a bad thing to aspire for greater things out of life?

I ask that question to myself over and over after reading the news. It boggles my mind. All of the sudden there is a war on those who earn money, work hard and became a financial success. Obama, along with most of the American news agencies following like a band of mindless sheep, now ridicules them as the “marvelous” 1 percenters or the tax evaders. He acts like we should despise and hold them all in contempt. He pretends as if they are the cause of all of America’s woes and have somehow orchestrated mass unhappiness and poverty for the other 99% of the country.

A quote from The Final Reality reads:

In fact most of the policies initiated by the UAA since commandeering the country smothered all incentives to work and created a dependent state that could no longer function without the resources from a growing centralized government. The former tenant ended up in a pauper’s prison once the new tax laws had been initiated. He could find no friend in the courts or from his fellow countryman. Because of his former wealth the man had been branded by the UAA as evil and someone to be despised. His hard work, endless hours of dedication and dismissal of most pleasures in an effort to ensure the growth of his company proved meaningless. He was now the bad guy and no one wept a tear for him upon his incarceration. With his former employees now being compensated by the UAA indefinitely during their unemployment, even they could not concern themselves with their former boss’s situation.

Should we now feel bad about ourselves if we get ahead in life? Should we feel ashamed of all of our hard work if it brings us financial success? Should I hide a pay raise from my wife as if I were harboring a mistress?

This all seems ridiculous but that’s exactly where we are in America at this point. Obama has created a class warfare aimed to vilify the successful while the media is there to aid in his witch-hunt. Isn’t it ironic, though, how history repeats itself? Didn’t Vladimir Lenin do the same in the Russian revolution? Wasn’t it Adolf Hitler that went after the rich “Jews”? Isn’t the struggle between society’s classes the basis of socialism?

Take a look at history and now look at the road that Obama is leading us down. Haven’t we seen it all before? Let us not forget what history has taught us, and turn a blind eye to what Obama is attempting to perpetrate. He wants to change America and turn it into socialist nation, a nation of mediocrity, a nation of dependents, a nation devoid incentive to better one self, a nation of stagnation, a nation watchers-not doers, a nation of complacency and nation our forefathers fought not to become.

We can’t let this happen. Keep the American spirit alive.