Will 5 Dollars a Gallon Seem like a Bargain in 1 Year?

In The Final Reality Barry Hussein touts his green energy project and vastly overstates it potential while grossly underestimating its cost: 

Barry said, “And which brings us to the final stage in my economic stimulus plan, the Masjid Project. I have promised our country economic prosperity and energy independence,” he continued, emphasizing his statement by slamming his fist into his palm. “The Masjid Project is the solution. As a result our country will no longer need to cater to the oil suppliers of the world nor will it ever again have to bend in the face of foreign pressure. We shall stand alone as an energy independent nation.”

The crowd again applauded, weary of his statements. They had heard similar rhetoric many times in the past and had become almost numb to his statements. When they looked out at the plateau they saw massive governmental waste, not prosperity. Instead of excitement, they braced themselves about hearing the cost of such a huge endeavor. They could only imagine how much of their country’s hard-earned money had been thrown away on this supposed “green” project.

It’s just as we are hearing now in this country by the current Obama administration. As our gas prices soar to European-level prices Obama has no solution. Instead he tries to appease his critics by promoting algae and other “green” projects. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for America’s independence from foreign oil and alternative fuels. However, does President Obama really take us all for fools? As the cost of everything in this country rises as a result of increased gas prices does he think a bunch of algae will save us from further economic decline? Does he somehow believe that the hope of algae will take the sting out of a 70 dollar fuel-up? Does he think we all have short-term memory problems and can’t remember how it cost less than 30 dollars few years ago to fill our tanks?

 I don’t know about anyone else but I can tell you that I’m tired of the rhetoric and failed promises. I want answers, not inane speeches. Algae is not the answer. Dumping taxpayer money blindly into projects such as Solyndra isn’t either.

Mr. President, here’s what you should be doing instead blowing a smokescreen to cover your failed policies:

1. Let free market run its course. If you want green projects to work, give these companies incentives and let them compete against each other. The best company with the best project will prevail. And you know who wins then? All of us Americans.

2. Don’t throw away money haphazardly in green projects, especially when there’s warning signs plaguing them day one. Respect our taxpayer dollars and don’t disregard all the time and energy went into earning it. As president it is your privilege to spend it- not your right.

3. America is full of natural resources. Let’s use more of them and stop shipping so much out to other countries.

4. Hey, if there’s any stimulus money left, why don’t you lower the gas price with it?

All I’m trying to say is that we have options here in this country. Unfortunately, President Obama insists on sticking to his failed energy policy instead of making the necessary adjustments. Instead of helping the American people and our economy he’d rather cater to the special interests groups that got him elected. In the end there is only one question: does our president care more about himself and his reelection or about us Americans? Think about it.