What Does Faith Mean Among the Faithless?

In the Final Reality the major antagonist is an egotistical, fascist ruler by the name of Barry Hussein. Based upon our current president, Obama, he views religion as only something that the weak cling to for support. Preferring existentialist readings rather than the Bible, he wants to create a utopian society based solely upon his beliefs, devoid of any religious foundation. A quote from The Final Reality briefly summarizes this point:

While in college he was exposed to a world much larger than he had ever known. The constant barrage of communist, fascist and socialist ideals from both classmates and professors alike inundated him.  
He was taught about the West’s hypocrisy and their ardent belief in capitalism. It was like a love story between the hedonistic Western society and their economic system where the rich prospered off the work done by the poor. He wanted no Moore of that.
Utopia could only be orchestrated from the government. People were too mentally unfit and greedy to be left to their own devices. Wealth distribution and total government control were the only justifiable solutions.
While in college he also read Daybreak by Friedrich Nietzsche. It was the ultimate epiphany. More powerful than any religious text, this book along with other existentialist readings, created purpose for his life.
No longer seeking the meaning of life, he realized that it was his duty alone to create it. His future wife, M, also shared this existentialist view.
While in college they met and made an instant connection. Both shared the same anti-Western sentiment and prayed not to a God but to a reality, which they created for themselves.

Senator Rick Santorum recently stated that Obama believes in “some phony theology. Not a theology based on the Bible. A different theology.” I definitely agree. A true Christian could not sit silently as his reverend, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, spewed hate ridden-homilies from the pulpit. A true Christian would not have remained a member of that congregation. A true Christian would have immediately walked out of that church and prayed that his pastor would one day be filled with the love of the Holy Spirit and rid himself of all hate.

So why didn’t Obama do those things? The answer is simple: He is not a true Christian. He feels as if religion is an antiquated institution, meant only for the helpless, poor and uneducated. He views it as a crutch to which these people hold on to instead of turning to something much more tangible during their times of need, like government. There is no heaven in Obama's theology. The heaven he believes in can only be found on earth and can only be achieved by a government-created utopia.

And that is exactly what Obama wants to create: a government-engineered utopia- one based upon his beliefs, his ideals and ultimately his image. He wants to be the man who transforms America into the New Worker’s Paradise. Unfortunately, the world has already seen the consequences of such a philosophy. The former USSR wanted to provide the same to its people. Just look at Russia now and the former Soviet bloc nations. Are we headed for the same fate? With 15 trillion in debt we may be there already.

In the Art of War Sun Tsu said, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a thousand battles without disaster.” After almost 4 years of a disastrous presidency I believe America knows Obama and understands what he wants to do to our country. Don’t let it happen. We don’t need a thousand battles. We just need one and that one is coming up this November!