Big Brother at it again

A quote from The Final Reality: 
"When government wishes to do the work of god, it becomes not divine but demonic.”-Pope Benedict XVI

The Obama administration recently ruled that all insurance policies must offer contraceptive services with no co-payments required. Whether you agree with the policy or not, it was ill conceived from the start. Did Obama and his staff have no clue as to the offense this law would have? Did he not care, did not know or was he, again, trying to force his will over the American people?

Plus, why is contraception now a God given right for every American. Has pregnancy become a disease which has to be prevented by the insurance companies? The thought behind such a policy is ludicrous. If Obama really wanted health insurance companies to pay for preventative measures, then he would make gym memberships free- or maybe he could have them pay for vitamins and running sneakers. The list can go on and on.

The point here is obvious. He again wants to shove something down our throats despite our concerns. I guess he obviously knows better? It does not matter if it has merit. He has his agenda and while he is in office, he will do whatever is in his power to force his will upon us.

Unfortunately, as more American begin to rely on the government rather than family, friends and religion his power and influence rises. Plus, those of us that believe in family, friend and religion are getting so bogged down in increased regulations that the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is becoming more difficult. It seems as if we can attempt to achieve it only under certain circumstances and if the government allows.

This is just the beginning. Can you imagine a second term?