January 29, 2012: The Final Reality

What makes one person smarter, faster or even more athletic than another? Is it their upbringing or is the answer hidden within millions of years of genetic evolution. What if mankind found the answer and in the process, doomed humanity to extinction?
Focusing on both our current politically charged environment and world-wide economic crisis, my fictional novel, The Final Reality, follows Alex Pella on a tumultuous journey that projects a potential path of human existence in the 21st century. After a virus hidden within our genetic code inadvertently gets released upon the planet, no country is financially prepared to deal with such a disaster. Only the brilliant neuroscientist, Alex Pella, and his intellectual equal, Marissa Ambrosia, have the audacity to attempt finding a cure while simultaneously fending off vehement opposition sent to stop them. Guided by an ancient code concealed within the Old Testament, they must traverse ancient lands and solve an age-old biblical riddle to save mankind from its own inevitable destruction. With a humorous flair, the book smoothly tells an important story that reflects on the political, medical and financial uncertainties which mankind currently faces.

The Final Reality is my first soon-to-be published book. It reflects upon the absurdities currently going on in government and warns of the potential consequences of both genetic research and our unfathomable national debt. I’m tired of seeing this great country being led in the wrong direction. Has history taught us nothing? Socialism, communism and fascism all have been failures. Just look at Greece, the former Soviet Republic and the 20th century fascist regimes of recent times. What do they all have in common? Well, they are either about to go under or already tanked. History teaches us that time and time again, yet we seem to forget.

I’m tired of the rhetoric coming out of Washington. Class warfare is their mantra and it goes against the American dream I was taught growing up. No one wants to work hard just to make it to the middle. No, the American dream tells us the harder we work, the better chances of being financial stable we will be. Now Washington is telling us differently. When did hard work, long hours and success make you a bad person? Unfortunately, now it does.

This blog will follow those absurdities coming out of Washington, the ever growing size of government and how our hard-earned tax dollars seem to be being squandered away into a mounting level of national debt. I will also be chronicling my journey with The Final Reality and the response I receive from both the media and general public. Hope you enjoy!